6 Pink Plants You Might Actually Keep Alive

Filling your home with a touch of green does wonders for your mind, body and soul.  House plants help to clean the air by eliminating harmful toxins (thank you, NASA Study!), improve your mental health, lead to a more restful sleep and even reduce stress. But what about pink plants? From intricate details to bold splashes of colours, we’ve rounded up six easy to care for plants that will give your home the perfect pop of pink!

Mosaic Plant

A mosaic plant, nerve plant, Pink Angel - call it what you will, but this plant is one of the most striking of the bunch. Fittonia albivenis is a trailing plant with deeply veined leaves and will thrive in indoor pots and hanging planters.

Polka Dot Plant

These hypoestes phyllostachyas are super cute, easy to take care of, and visually stunning! Keep this little guy in bright, indirect sunlight and make sure its soil is moist but not soaked. When grown in its natural habitat it can get up to three feet high, but indoors it will stay compact. 

Chinese Evergreens

These aglaonemas are a super popular choice due to the fact that they can make even the most novice indoor gardener look like an expert. These plants are extremely durable, tolerating poor light, dry air and drought.


Talk about an optical illusion - this plant changes colours depending on how you look at it. The top of the leaves are green and white, while the undersides are pink and red. Stomanthe are native to rainforests, so they thrive in warm and humid conditions. Spritz these babies regularly with rainwater! 


If you want a houseplant with stunning foliage, look to calathea. Due to its delicate and showy leaf patterns, it's sometimes referred to as a zebra plant, peacock plant or a rattlesnake plant... A word of caution though - these Calatheas are a little fussy about their growing conditions, but the beautiful plant is well worth it. 


Known as the ‘Pink Princess’, this tropical vine grows well indoors in indirect sunlight. It enjoys moist but well-drained soil and warmer temperatures. While there are different types of this plant, one thing they all have in common are its lush, glossy leaves - they’ll turn any room into a miniature tropical paradise. 
Image: @aline.wilk